Collection: Frozen Juice shots

Also known as detox shots, wellness shots, booster shots,  immunity shots, or bombs, these small portions of nutrient dense juice pack a huge punch of vitamins and antioxidants in a small 1 oz or 30ml shot.

These mini wellness concoctions typically consist of lemon and ginger, with or without a few added ingredients. Lemon and ginger are known for their high concentration of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

  • These juice shots are frozen immediately after being made, so there is no deterioration in the nutrient content.
  • They remain stable in the freezer for months. All you have to do is let each bottle defrost then enjoy. It's as good as if it were just made.
  • We recommend you defrost your juice shots in the refrigerator.
  • Once thawed (and kept refrigerated) our juice shots should be consumed within 3 days.
  • Once defrosted they should not be refrozen.
  • Each bottle contains two one-ounce shots.
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