About us


Welcome to our web site and thanks for your interest in Little Mississippi Juice Company.

My name is Clare Carty and I'm the company founder. I'm a survivor of almost three decades in high tech senior management. After years of downsizing, offshoring and juggling constantly-changing business priorities, it was time for a change of direction. So I decided to create my own job. :-)

I'd been making cold-press juice at home for years; enjoying the positive impact that freshly made fruit and vegetable juice had on my mood and energy levels. I was bothered with how much space fresh produce took up in the fridge (a lot!) and how messy and time-consuming juicing could be, so I wondered how busy families and working folks found the time and space to take advantage of the amazing nutritional blast that fresh juice provided. You can buy juice at the grocery store, but it's made hundreds or even thousands of miles away and processed so it's shelf-stable. It's basically dead, not fresh and alive and frankly, it doesn't taste as good as freshly-made juice. 

It felt like a perfect fit. A committed innovator, some capital and an opportunity to build a business that can leverage local produce, provide local employment and whose products contribute to general health and wellbeing. And so, the Little Mississippi Juice Company was born.

Our mission is to offer amazingly tasty and fabulously healthy cold-pressed juice products to the community and visitors of Almonte and Mississippi Mills, Ontario.

We believe in using locally-grown produce where possible, in being environmentally responsible and in being engaged members of our community.