One of our core values is eco-responsibility. Our big dream goal is for a zero waste operation. We're not there yet but we're going to strive for it while always maintaining a food-safe environment. 

To that end we:-

  • Use #2 plastic/HDPE bottles. These are BPA-free and do not leach chemicals into the juice. They're lightweight for easy portability and they allow us to freeze the juices. Even more importantly, they can be reused. We encourage our customers to return their bottles and receive Juice Club points to get a discount on future purchases. Those bottles will be sanitized and reused. 
  • We do have glass bottles available for those who feel strongly about plastic. For pre-orders of freshly made juice only (can't freeze with glass) with a note to indicate you would like glass bottles. No extra charge. 
  • Compost all our peelings and pulp wastage. None of our wastage goes into landfill and we use it to grow more delicious produce. Could you use some pulp for your compost? We'll share!
  • Aim to reuse and recycle caps and labels where we can. Caps are a particular challenge but we will continue to experiment. 
  • Will innovate and continually try new ideas. How about a 'bring your own container' program? What about ideas for what to do with all that pulp? Hmmmmm. Any bright ideas? Let us know!